Employee health, safety and wellbeing

As a global healthcare company with a sense of purpose, we also ensure that all GSK Consumer Healthcare employees feel valued, respected, empowered and inspired to achieve our goals.

We know that happy employees build a resilient, high-performing workforce and so our aim is to be inclusive, accessible and attractive as an employer to people from all backgrounds.

Our commitment to safety

Just as patient safety is our first priority in business, we have a commitment to conduct operations in a responsible manner to protect our employees, the environment and the community. To achieve our goal of no harm to employees, we focus on preventing incidents before they occur, and we ensure training and awareness activities are carried out on key risks, such as operating machinery or driving.

Extensive work has been carried out at our Nasik site in India to train and create awareness on Employee Health and Safety. All employees are responsible for implementing the appropriate controls for effective management of Employee Health Safety (EHS) risks in their respective areas. 

Our commitment to employee wellbeing

At GSK Consumer Healthcare, our people strategy focuses on four areas: talent, leadership, performance, and engagement. Engaging our employees in our mission and strategy gives everyone at GSK Consumer Healthcare a clear sense of how they can put in their best for the progress of the company. We invest in employees at every level and practices are designed to create a positive work place to ensure that our people stay happy even after work. We need our people to develop their skills, appreciate different perspectives and be highly motivated, engaged and resilient.

We also recognise the importance of listening to employees and have regular consultations with them to improve experience at work and give every support possible. At GSK Consumer Healthcare India, emotional and mental health continues to be a focus area with bi-monthly employee communication touching upon different areas that benefit employees. Our Wellness and Wellbeing programme provides GSK Consumer Healthcare employees with access to counselling and mental health and guidance on their day-to-day issues of life.

Training programmes like ‘Energy for Performance’ and ‘Personal Resilience’ have also been organised to promote employee health, wellbeing and resilience.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is a priority for GSK Consumer Healthcare. We focus on practices that reduce environmental impacts and operational footprints to incorporate sustainability into the core of our business.  We believe it is possible to grow our business and to provide access to healthcare products to an increasing number of people across the world while protecting the resources we need for the future.

In the best interest of the patient, we endeavour to work with responsible suppliers who adhere to the same quality, social and environmental standards as GSK Consumer Healthcare and its affiliates worldwide.

At GSK Consumer Healthcare India, our environmental sustainability strategy is implemented across the entire value chain – from raw materials to product disposal.

As we grow our business to bring innovative medicines to more and more people in the Country, we remain committed to taking meaningful action on sustainability and driving change from the front and by collaborating with others. Our policy on environment conforms to local laws as well as GSK Consumer Healthcare’s global standards.

 Our Planet, Our Approach