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ENO is a 100 year old global brand with a presence in more than 40 countries, India being the largest ENO market in the world.
In India, ENO is the No.1 antacid brand. This is a result of the brand's single minded focus on 'fast relief from acidity' as a benefit, which has been ENO's communication mainstay since its launch in India. So much so that many people can still recall iconic lines from mid-90s communication like ‘ENO on, acidity gone’ as well as the more recent science-backed claim of ‘ENO gets to work in 6 seconds.’ This competitive stand has slowly but steadily elevated ENO into the position of becoming the undisputed market leader.

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ENO powder

ENO gets to work in just 6 seconds* for fast relief from acidity. Choose from a range of great flavours and get back to life.

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ENO 4 Dose Value Pack – Always stay prepared for acidity at home

Introducing the new ENO 4 Dose Value Pack#. An ideal pack to have at home and reach out to when you are struck with acidity. Available in your favourite Lemon Flavour.

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