How we discover new products

Consumer healthcare research

GSK products are built around science, and it is this innovation that is vital to our Consumer Healthcare business. It helps us develop products that are differentiated from competitor products and that keep pace with changes in the marketplace and consumer needs.

While development timelines are generally shorter for consumer healthcare products than for medicines, the regulatory requirements for testing and approval of our products are rigorous. We are using science to deliver benefits to consumers, increase our speed to market, and create products that our consumers value.

Our R&D teams at Gurgaon and Hyderabad work within one of our five key categories of Nutrition & Gastrointestinal Health, Oral Health, Pain management, Respiratory Health and Skin Health and have deep expertise in these areas. We conduct extensive research  in our categories. For example, growth & development and Cognition in Nutrition, Acidity and digestive issues in Gastrointestinal Health, Tooth hypersensitivity and gum health in Oral care,  Safe and faster relief in Pain management.

Our researchers are seeking to identify and develop sustained innovation in all our categories and regions.