Trials in people

At GSK Consumer Healthcare, we carry out a significant number of studies on our products and we make this information available in a range of ways. Our clinical studies are designed with extensive scientific inputs and undergo strict medical and safety board vigilance and are approved by an Ethics committee.


We also recognize that there are investigators from other healthcare institutions or other forms of research network who have scientific questions and will seek our support to conduct this work. We refer to these as investigator-sponsored studies  (ISS). We only support proposals that have a legitimate scientific purpose. The decision to support a study proposal is based on the importance of the research objectives to consumer healthcare, the scientific rationale for the proposed methodology, and the ability of the study sponsor to deliver a high-quality ethical study.


In consumer healthcare products especially nutritional formats the organoleptics are important so that there is compliance on consumption. So once we have a scientifically designed functional product we ensure that it meets the consumer expectation on sensory characteristics like taste, appearance, texture etc. Even our sensory research has well-defined medical, safety and regulatory governance.