Micro-Nutrient awareness generation


GSK-CH is aiming to improve the awareness levels of our key stakeholder about the importance of micro-nutrients and its role in holistic development

Our key projects include:

Along with our partner School Health Annual Report Programme (SHARP) we are undertaking mass awareness on importance of nutrition with key stakeholders such as children, parents, teachers, among others. Founded in 1998, SHARP is a non-govt. organization (NGO) focuses on school based programmes including health check-ups, hygiene education and nutritional counselling.

  • Mass awareness program on importance of nutrition reaching out to the key stakeholders including children, parents, teachers, among others
  • Rolled out in 1000 government schools with an aim to reach out to 150,000 children across four states viz. Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Karnataka
  • Key components of the program include:
  • capacity building of teachers on importance of micronutrients;
  • nutritional assessment and growth monitoring including measurement of BMI; and
  • nutrition counselling of parents and children by qualified nutritionists
  • FSSAI’s Safe and Nutritious Food or SNF@school curriculum has been also adopted to undertake nutritional counselling with students and parents at 1000 schools across the country

We are working with NGO Sakshi in Gurgaon to raise awareness about the importance of nutrition. Sakshi was founded in 1999 and focuses on education, healthcare and community development related projects.

  • NGO Sakshi runs its own Non Formal Education (NFE) centres for children from destitute backgrounds including children of migrant labourers, rag pickers, among others
  • We are working with Sakshi in Gurgaon (district) to raise awareness about the importance of nutrition
  • With our support Sakshi is engaging teachers, parents and children and imparting important information on malnutrition through use of interactive games, IEC materials, street plays, etc.
  • We also support Sakshi to organize special days (Mother’s day, Children’s day, etc.) and use them as a platform to raise awareness
  • The project is expected to reach more than 1000 children