Sustainable manufacturing

Horlicks is one of our best-known brands which is manufactured at our three sites. Used as a nutritional supplement in India, it provides essential vitamins and minerals for growing children.

In 2012, we discovered through lifecycle analysis that Horlicks had the second largest carbon footprint of all our products. One reason for this was that our three Horlicks factories in India –  Nabha, Rajahmundry and Sonepat – were powered by coal.

We are investing £9.6 million in Project Green Leap to reduce carbon emissions and water use at these three Horlicks factories. Few of our key initiatives to reduce the carbon foot print are –

  • Usage of waste biomass to partially replace coal as a fuel in our boilers across our sites,
  • Construction of a new 1MW biomass based combined heat and power plant at Rajahmundry is in progress
  • At Sonepat we are progressing ahead with 0.5 MW roof top solar photovoltaic plant,
  • At Nabha we have commissioned Vapour Absorption Machine in place of electrical chiller
  • Energy efficient LED lights across all the three sites to cut our energy use.

We are also investing in rainwater harvesting systems and reuse/recycle of treated effluent into utilities that enable water to be reused/disposed of safely  and helping to replenish groundwater, thus restoring local water sources.